WA Building Codes Consultancy

44 Kings Park Road, West Perth, WA, 6005, Phone: (08) 9408 6444, Fax: (08) 6263 4444  e: wabcc@bigpond.com
WA Building Codes Consultancy (WABCC) is an experienced provider of building surveyor, and associated, consultancy services throughout Western Australia. It was created by Antony Mee, its principal, in March 2009 to offer consultancy services primarily to a Western Australian client base. Antony has over 35 years experience in the building industry, 30 years in the Building Inspection/Surveying sector and over 13 years in consultancy. 
WABCC seeks to ensure that clients in this State have access to a high level of broad-based expertise drawn from extensive corporate experience gathered from the local, State, Federal and private sectors.
WABCC seeks to be recognised and acknowledged by its clients, and the building industry, as offering and delivering significant expertise across a broad range of consultancy services.
WABCC seeks to provide consultancy services to customers that is technically sound, is communicated in a clear, concise, and comprehensive mode, is provided by a consultant who possesses high levels of technical and administrative knowledge of building compliance matters and is thorough and timely thereby meeting client expectations and requirements.
WABCC is a WA Building Commission registered Building Surveyor Contractor (No. 22) and, as such, is able to issue Certificates of Design Compliance, Construction Compliance and Building Compliance under the Building Act 2011 and Building Regulations 2012.
WABCC endeavours to offer and provide consultancy services that are delivered by someone who has the qualifications, skills and experience amongst the highest level with the local consultancy environment.

Antony is qualified and accredited by the Building Commission Building Services Board as a Level 1(unrestricted) Building Surveyor. Skill levels are maintained by continually undertaking professional development programs so as to ensure that consultancy advice is contemporary, technically and administratively sound and that this advice is communicated to clients in a professional, clear, concise and informative manner.
Further, Antony always provides this advice using a consistent approach mindful of each client’s requirements and always reflecting the agreed Scope of Works.
WABCC is the only local business that provides the range of client services detailed in the adjacent column.

Expertise extends from conducting building condition audits right through to appearing as an Expert Witness in court. 

Services also include BCA auditing / reporting, due diligence auditing / reporting, fire safety auditing / reporting, preparation of Emergency Evacuation Plans, industry training and the preparation / review of technical documentation.
  • Acting as a Municipal Building Surveyor; 
  • Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliance audits of non-approved building works;
  • BCA auditing and reporting;
  • Certification of State-government housing projects;
  • Exit signage auditing / reporting;
  • Regulatory advice during design development & construction stages;
  • Aged care assessment / certification & Fire Safety Declaration guidance;
  • Due diligence auditing / reporting;
  • Building condition auditing / reporting;
  • Accessibility (disabled) auditing / reporting;
  • Fire safety measures auditing / reporting; 
  • Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) auditing / reporting;
  • Preparation of Safety Measures logbooks;
  • BCA change of usage auditing / reporting;
  • Technical building compliance advice;
  • Administrative building compliance advice;
  • Expert Witness appearances during litigation;
  • Negotiation with permit issuing authorities;
  • Facilitation of building permits;
  • Construction stage building inspections;
  • Assisting clients respond to, and resolve, notices and/or orders issued by permit authorities;
  • BCA Alternative Building Solutions;
  • Strata Titles Act audits;
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans;
  • Services are always tailored to the client's requirements and commissions are only accepted that are within Antony's extent of expertise.